TrakBox v3.50b   Information  98-12-15

 TrakBox v3.50a   Information  98-12-03

 TrakBox v3.40e   Information  97-09-10
 TrakBox v3.40a   Information  97-01-20
 AD 2000 passover problem solved.

 TrakBox v3.30g/h Information  94-10-10
 Bug in North start rotor flip action was fixed.
 Mic click pulse width and interval now can be configurable.
 TrakBox v3.30f   Information  94-09-04
 reported bug in v3.30e were corrected. PSE DISCARD v3.30e
 TrakBox v3.30e   Information  94-08-20
 New function introduced.
 Satellite selection limit value expanded from 15 to 60.
 Host mode access from real time tracking.
 Bug fix of conflict in Parking and Flipping action.

 TrakBox v3.30c   Information  94-07-02
 Bug fix of ICOM CAT port.
 TrakBox v3.30b   Information  94-07-01
 Minor bug were fixed.
 TrakBox v3.30a   Information  94-06-01
 Flip mode operation installed.
 Code size optimize done.
 Notice for ADC-R radder satellite selection:
    From this version the ADC-R radder satellite selection definition SW
    is moved from hardware (CN9-6) to software SW. (read DOC carefully)

 TrakBox v3.20d,e   Information   94-05-22
 For future upgrade, I need more EPROM space and the AMSAT format uploading
 is omitted in this version.
 There reported un_expected T_B rotor error mode trouble. With v3.20,
 user can disable the function from menu6-4 or station.dat file.
 Due to my poor explanation, misunderstang about [timeout time from rotor
 error mode] is caused.  In v3.20e, default setting is changed to OFF the
 function.  For more understanding, read DOC file with care.  

 I received problem report about Kepler elements uploading.  Full speed
 uploading without any line to line pasing may cause trouble. In this case,
 set 100mSec pase in your terminal program.  There is no problem with PcPlus,
 SatSked, but Procomm has such troble.

 Taking the advice from Schlomo,4X1AS, the checksum number is noted in the
 document. Checksum calculation includes FF's.
 [NOTICE] The station data file format is changed in v3.20e.
 TrakBox v3.20-beta Information   94-03-10

 In this beta code, a few new features were introduced.
 * Hardware Doppler correction for CAT.
        CN9-pin6        => CAT correction  UP by 50Hz step
            pin8        =>                 DWN
        If CN9-7 is grounded,

        CN9-pin6        => Slew            UP by 50Hz step
            pin8        =>                 DWN

  In PSK reception, you can input the mic click signal (active LOW) to
  CN9-6/8. This function is under test and need your feedback.
  The known problem is T_B CAT command cannot catch up in over head pass.
 * 4 uplink frequency support.
 * You can disable the rotor smoke protection function.
 * Antenna position monitor h/w SW was changed from CN9-7 to P1.4(CN3-5).
 TrakBox v3.10 Information.
 Bugs in COM port and RTC initialization are fixed (I hope so).
 I made minor modification and added new function. Pse refer to TRK310.DOC. 

 TrakBox v3.01 Information. 	
 * Notice.
 When you install or exchange with new EPROM,  open the battery back up
 jumper and discharge the RAM.   Without this procedure, new code may 
 read fault constant and occasionally, RS port cannot be initialized properly.
 * Alternate CAT port.
 In TS711/811 combination, it needs fully separated CAT line.
 Alternate CAT port for uplink TX is obtained from CN3-6.
     CN3-6   ----- U6 pin5
     U6 pin6 ----- CN4 pin3   -------     to TX (145MHz)
                   CN4 pin5   -------     GND  
                   CN4 pin2   -------     to RX (435MHz)
 * P1_6
 At AOS CN3-7(P16) level becomes LOW and is usable for PC,TRX power
 TrakBox v3.00a Instruction notes         93-06-14       by  JA6FTL

 I am sorry there is no detailed instruction for TrakBox. Here are some hint 
and kinks for using TrakBox.

[Known problems]
1.RTC hopping.
  Sometimes, RTC clock begins to run extremely quickly and it doesn't accept
  time set words.  This situation is caused by EPROM exchange even if the
  backed Vcc is fed to the RTC chip.  Usual system reset procedure by menu
  6-9 cannot cure the problem.  In that case, remove JMP-13 and discharge
  Vcc from RTC for a few minutes or short RTC pin 9-18.  I tried RTC reset
  routines according to the technical data sheet but could not solve this
  => fixed in v3.10
2.YAESU/KENPRO dual controller turn out.
  KR-5400A/B dual rotor controller needs open for BR4.  U11,2803A or TOSHIBA 
  62083AP Darlington TR array IC can switch 50V-500mA. But pin#10 COM is
  connected to Vcc(+5V) through BR4, then it is needed to cut for switching
  higher than 5V line.
3.CAT control for YAESU/ICOM with TTL out put.
  In direct interface TrakBox to YAESU/ICOM CAT port, it is needed signal
  polarity inversion. Use spare invertor of U6,74LS04.
     U6 pin2 ----- U6 pin5
     U6 pin6 ----- CN4 pin3   ------- to YAESU,ICOM (TTL)
        GND  ----- CN4 pin5   -------     GND  
  No need if you use RS-232C level converter from the manufacturer.
  There are many second sources of 803x/805x chips from many manufacturers.
  There is minor difference and the older TrakBox RTC cannot work properly
  with CMOS chip (80C31 etc). The version 3.00 and later  fully supports
  any type of CPU including 8031/32/C31/C32 or 8051/52/C51/C52.
5.8255PIO chip and back up battery.
  NMOS 8255 chip is no problem. But in CMOS PIO, a considerable current is 
  flow out through U16A,74HC139 pin#5 to 8255 pin#6 in back up state. 
  The current reaches to 1mA. (In NMOS 4uA)
  Then, the life of battery is shortened remarkably.  If the backup 
  voltage becomes lower than 3.0V, RTC loses accurate time.
  MUST use NMOS chip.

[TrakBox Commands]
1. Main menu.
 1. 1-8
 2. m or M	: go to multi track mode
 3. s or S	: go to single track mode (same with 1.

2.Single track mode
 1. e or E	: rotator control on off (toggle)
 		  If ON, there appear tracking mark *,!,&
		  * => single track mode
		  ! => multi track without priority function.
		  & => multi track with priority function.
 2. SPC,BS	: forward or backward the object satellite.
 3. p or P	: toggle ! and & mode (this is effective in the
		  single track mode shifted from multi track mode)
 4. n or N	: Next satellite.
		  (this is effective in real tracking mode shifted from
	          multi track mode)
 5. +,-,0	: Doppler compensation.
		  add or subtract 100Hz for doppler corrected frequency.
		  0 returns to the calculated frequency.
 6. t or T	: Tune TRX (new from v3.10).
 7. i or I      : Initialise TRX mode/freq (new from v3.10) 
		  ([T]rack and [S]tart command words were removed in v3.10)
 8. q or Q	: Quite the mode and return to main menu.
 9. ?		: returns object satellite name to terminal.
 10. y or Y	: zero adjust for RTC.

3.Multi track mode and Priority tracking.
 The priority tracking function means this.
 If multiple satellites are AOS simultaneously, TrakBox has two options.
 1. Track the earlier satellite until it's LOS and track the second satellite.
 2. Stop the earlier satellite before its LOS and go to second high priority
    satellite instantly when its AOS.  This is priority tracking function.

 You must set the multi tracking number from menu 3-5. Default value is 3.
 maximum value is 5.

 The priority order is satellite # 1>2>3>4>5. Then you must select the
 highest satellite to #1 position.   In my case,  1.uo-22, and 2.kitsat   This function works very effectively combined with satellite 
 scheduler program such as WA2N's SATSKED.

 1. e or E	: rotator control on off (toggle)
 		  If ON, there appear tracking mark !,&
		  ! => multi track without priority function.
		  & => multi track with priority function.
 2. p or P	: toggle ! and & mode.
 3. q or Q	: Quite the mode and return to main menu.

 Multi tracking in standalone mode.
 Priority tracking is effective in standalone mode too. After starting TrakBox
 with standalone mode, By just clicking the satellite selection SW to 0(zero)
 position, you can toggle single track and multi tracking mode.  The tracking 
 mark indicates the mode.  *:single tracking  !:multi tracking without priority
 &:multi tracking with priority.  In multi tracking mode, LCD displays the SW 
 selected object (1-5).  But the SW position exceeds the configured number, 
 warning message appears in LCD [Number Exceeded!].  You can't switch over "!"
 and "&" mode within standalone mode.
 If you have any comment or suggestion, Pse let me know.
 de Sueo, JA6FTL @uo-22,@kitsat