TrakBox_Turbo version installation info.

Dallas semiconductor released 80C32 code compatible high speed CPU
DS80C320.  This chip has upper compatible with Intel 8032/8052 series
CPU and three times faster with the same crystal.  There are many other 
additional functoins (two serial ports, watchdog timer, many interrupt
sources, high X-tal clock etc..), and now, TrakBox can work with this
CPU.   The calclation speedup is 4 times faster than ordinary T_B.

You need (1) DS80C320 CPU,  (2) 22.118400MHz X-tal (3) 320TRK EPROM


1.At first, you must certificate your TrakBox is working with original
  EPROM and CPU. (8031,32,51,52 CMOS or NMOS).

2.Off the battery back up jumper (JP13)

3.Replace the original CPU with DS80C320.
  Check the T_B is running with new CPU.  The speed up  1.5 or 2 times
  faster than the original.

4.Replace the EPROM with Turbo EPROM (320_xxx.ROM).
  Check the T_B can run with COM port baud rate 4800.
5.replace the original X-tal(11.0592MHz) with 22.1184MHz.

6.Now, Your TrakBox_Turbo is completed.


     1) New CPU with 22Mhz clock rate needs high access time EPROM
     	and RAM. In my case, I used 120ns EPROM (Mitsubishi M5M27C512K-12)
	and 80ns RAM (62256LP-8).  If your T_B doesn't run, you may replace 
	with high speed EPROM(-12 means 120nSec access time).

	Many beta tester reported that turbo code run with fast EPROM
	and RAM from many supplyer.

     2) One another solution to the higher access time problem,
        replace the address latch IC(U1 74ALS373) to high speed IC(74F373)
	most of all EPROMs are usable with this replacement.
     3) Dallas Semiconductor released preliminaly DS80C320 chip and
	the early lot  has bugs in micro code.  The present version
	has xxxxA6-yyy on the lavel.  If you have xxxxA3-yyy version, this
	chip is not usable for TrakBox Turbo.

[Dallas Semiconductor info.]

        DS80C320	$12.00

	4401 South Beltwood Parkway
	Dallas,  Texas  75244-3292
	tel: (214)450-0448
	Fax: (214)450-3715
	overseas call: (214)450-5351
	Credit card sales service: 1-800-336-6933

[Parts source information by VE2ALQ]
For those people out here looking for components
to upgrade TrakBox to turbo following was (is) my source for every
component needed:

JDR Electronics
Phone 408-494-1400
FAX   408-494-1420

North America Toll Free  Phone 1-800-538-5000
                         Fax   1-800-538-5005  

Good luck folks this is where I got all of mine, no problem with
single GTY orders.  Have a Good One  -.-  -. 

Darrell, VE1ALQ

If you have any other sorce information, PSE let me know. I'll include it
for those who has difficulty in their local parts shop.

de Sueo,  JA6FTL