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AO-40 & FEC telemetry related.

James R Miller, G3RUH
James's products and incentive technical articles.

Stacy E Milles, W4SM
P3T, AMSAT Oscar-40 telemetry program (Win32)

Phil Karn, KA9Q
A proposal of FEC encoding for AO-40, prototype software modem for Linux

Victor Kudielka, OE1VKW
FEC telemetry report, and Linux project

Joe Wheatley, AE4JY
AO40Rcv, A soundcard based, regular and FEC telemetry program for AO-40 (Win32)


DB6NT Kuhne-electronic
preamps, downconverter

SatEl Az-El ! Drive system
Az & EL drive system, works fine even under 100V AC fed in JA.

K1NU Product
CI-V interface cables for ICOM, also YAESU rigs

Tracking softwares

InstantTrack v1.55 for IBM-PC compatibles, under DOS or DOS window of Windows. Y2K fixed. (under open beta testing)

SatPC32 (for Win32)

PREDICT (for Linux)

Software tools

Various archivers for DOS

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